180 Professionals Corporate Management Consultancy

Identify Potential. Develop Solutions. Add Value


  • Customised Solutions in Strategic Training and Development.
  • Human Resource Optimisation through MBTI Consulting.

Core Purpose

Identifying strategic potential in people and add value through uniquely tailored solutions in training, development and performance consulting.


To be the provider of choice for individual and organisational development solutions.


Guiding individuals and organisations into optimal performance through strategically aligned learning and behavioural consulting services.

What We Do

We assess your HR capabilities against your strategic requirements and provide training and development solutions tailored to your specific needs.

How We Do It

  • Strategic assessment of organisational training needs.
  • Assessment of HR strengths and potential through MBTI Consulting.
  • Customised training & development solutions to fit your strategic requirements.

Why We Are Different

  • We seek to understand your needs before we recommend a solution.
  • We care about you, your people, and your future.
  • We are seriously interested in creating genuine value through our partnership with you.

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180 Professionals Corporate can help tailor an HR training solution that is exactly right for your organisation.

In-house solutions

All 180 Professionals Corporate courses can be provided on an in-house basis.

Personal Coaching

Dr. Moosa Al-Jowaiser, MBTI Step III™ Certified provides one on one coaching to enhance your performance through MBTI. Call +965 5555-3494 for reservation.

Help Choosing a Course

We can help you choose the most appropriate course to suit your learning requirements.

A Fact

We are the first training company in Middle East that employs the highly successful and reputable Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step III™.

~ Dr. Moosa Al-Jowaiser

"The five oceans of the world are incredibly deep but are still limited; however, the 16 Personality Types are bottomless".

~ Nofal Al-Musarea

"Before you rush and "think out of the box", first utilize the box. Actually I don't believe in thinking out of the box; just expanding it!".